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What are Dental Savings Plans

Dental Savings Plans offer an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance.
Your Employees will have access to our network of dentists who have agreed to offer reduced rates to plan members, significant others and their children. You get all of the savings associated with insurance, with none of the restrictions, hassles and paperwork.

Quality Coverage

The Buffalo Dental plan offers unlimited benefits to employees for basic & major procedures. Our plan is designed to meet the needs of strength and range of benefits encourages your employee to stay with you and us!
Consider this an add-on to your health insurance benefits package for yourself and your employees, without making things complicated.

Everything Your Smile Needs

No waiting periods. You can begin saving at a participating dentist near you. Unlike Dental insurance, there is no annual spending limit so you can continue to save throughout the year. Enjoy your healthy smile! Our plans don't have hidden charges like network access fees, or one time administration charges. Freedom to choose any of our participating dentists. No preauthorization or referral equired.

A Dental Plan has never been this Easy.

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